Competence Portfolio

The Autision Group was essentially built on surface inspection. Our competency portfolio in this field covers:

  • 2D surface inspection
    Unlike 3D methods, inspecting surfaces with 2D image methods makes it possible to capture and analyse things such as colour differences, contact points of connections, etc. which are critical for product quality.
  • 3D surface inspection
    Unlike 2D surface inspection, disruptive effects such as dirt, residue and reflections on the surface being tested don't interfere with 3D inspection. Surface inspection using 3D methods is very important within the Autision Group. Automation W+R offers fully automated solutions for weld seam inspection, cast part inspection and flatness inspection flatness inspection.
  • Weld seam inspection
    We offer innovative solutions for inspecting welded surfaces for their look and feel and absence of defects, e.g. pores and splatter as well as electrical arcing.
  • Crack detection
    Cracks on and just under the surface of magnetisable parts are detected during magnetic particle crack detection. Our innovative methods do without the UV radiation which is typically used.
  • Bondability and paintability test
    Our latest innovative which is ready for series production is full-surface and fully-automated testing of surfaces (CFRP, other synthetic materials, glass, metal, ceramics, etc.) with regard to bondability and paintability of the substrate.
  • Automated visual inspection of steel cables and fully locked cables
    Our patented solution for automated visual inspection of steel cables in operation provides a lot of time, financial and personnel advantages to our customers. Areas of application range from ropeways to mining and conveying systems to marine applications.

Within the Autision Group, we specialise in surface inspection:

  • Automation W+R GmbH
    Surface inspection in 2D and 3D for practically all materials and with any surface geometries, including crack detection. Also, weld and solder seam inspection, testing for bondability and paintability, fibre orientation in CFRP.
  • Winspect GmbH
    Automatic inspection of the surfaces of steel cables, recognised by official inspection authorities, for stone chips, lighting strikes, wire breaks and other damage.