Robot-Assisted Automation

Robot-based automation is often the key ingredient for our integrated surface inspection and measuring technology solutions. Because objectives such as faster cycle times and higher profitability are often achieved only through smooth, robot-assisted automation. In addition, robot-assisted automation supports employees in dangerous, dirty or physically very demanding work areas. Boll Automation GmbH is the main provider of robot-assisted automation solutions within the Autision Group.

/ Pallettising

Robots equipped with RobotVision perform tasks such as precise automated palletising of supplied bulky and/or unordered parts for our customers. Thanks to the expertise of our associated companies, important tasks such as inspection of the outgoing goods quality can be completed in the same process step.

Robot Based Rework

We can also combine robot-assisted rework with measuring technology for our customers. Essential benefit: A part whose position is measured exactly, rather than merely having been "recognised" by the robot, can also be reworked with much greater precision and thus more efficiently.

Bin picking

When it comes to bin picking, our robot solutions take a wide variety of parts from just about any shipping containers at our most demanding customers, within the required cycle time, automated and suitable for industrial use. Simultaneous inspection and/or measuring of the parts can also be seamlessly integrated here. Advantage: Only those parts which are free from defects and/or dimensionally accurate are provided to the downstream process.

Kollaborative Robotik

The robotics experts at Boll Automation GmbH are already developing suitable solutions for collaborative robotics today. We believe that this will be the next major trend in industrial automation. We already offer turnkey solutions which allow people and robots to work together directly: The collaborative automated 3D Roboscanner by Descam 3D Technologies GmbH

All companies with matching competencies:

  • Boll Automation GmbH
    Within the Autision Group, Boll Automation GmbH in Kleinwallstadt, Lower Franconia is the system’s solution provider for robot-assisted automation. As always within our Group, its customers receive competitive advantages through innovative solutions.

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