Strategy / Mission Statement

Dr. Richard Soehnchen
Hello, welcome to our new website. My name is Dr. Richard Söhnchen. As the managing partner of Autision Group GmbH, I would like to tell you about our strategy.

We are a group of medium-sized companies in the field of automated inspection systems. Our group of companies supplies robotics, machine vision and optical measuring technology under a common umbrella. We are represented throughout Europe with branches in Germany, France and Austria.

Our core area of expertise lies in the integration of Automation & vision, hence the name: Autision.

The competencies of five companies combine to produce highly innovative solutions. For you this means: Quality inspection, measuring, handling and rework from a single source. Implemented as a sophisticated complete system which is adapted to your requirements. True to our mission statement: "We ensure your quality"
Autision is the umbrella brand of the following economically and legally independent companies:

  • Automation W+R GmbH, Munich
    Ever since being founded over 35 years ago, the Munich company has specialised in surface inspection.
  • Boll Automation GmbH, Kleinwallstadt (near Frankfurt)
    The robotics specialists at Boll Automation are responsible for automation of our solutions within the Autision group.
  • Winspect GmbH, Hochfilzen (Austria)
    Founded on the basis of a product developed by Automation W+R, Winspect deals solely with the inspection of cables. Its customers are mountain cableways, conveying systems and cable manufacturers. 
  • Rixen Cableway GmbH, Bergkirchen
    Rixen has been developing and building water skis and wakeboard cableways for over 55 years.

Dr. Richard Söhnchen about Bruno Rixen's vision

In this video Richard Söhnchen shows his passion for wakeboarding and why we as the Rixen team continue to live the vision of Bruno Rixen. RIXEN stands for the invention of the waterski cableway and has made wakeboarding and waterskiing possible for millions of people.

We see automated vision as the big opportunity for German companies. Autision offers this combination of automated quality inspection and measuring technology "from a single source". Implement our solutions to ensure the highest possible and always consistent quality for your company. Attract and retain customers in the global competitive environment through the unique selling point of your product quality. Not only does this allow you to lower costs, it also means that you can assign your valuable skilled employees to tasks which aren't as monotonous or downright dangerous. And this will allow you to secure a significantly higher profit margin than your competition.

Feel free to contact me or my colleagues. Convince yourself of the opportunities offered by the Autision Group: Innovative quality assurance is a permanent competitive advantage.